Nolij is a street artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in South West London. He first found a love for graffiti and street art at a young age, drawing letter shapes for friends in the playground or drawing monsters in his exercise book at school. Failing Art and various other subjects at school and uni, he dropped out and moved to London, joining the mundane life of bar slavery. By working every night and weekend, the day time was the only time to do anything. To the advantage of having zero social life, his characters and sketches started to come to life again and became more and more in depth. He didn't pick up a can of paint until he turned 22, July 2015, which was 2 years later. And he won't be putting it down any time soon!

His bold and graphic characters with chunky and smokey graffiti styles are one of a kind but it doesnt keep him anchored. 

'I like to try and change the subjects and themes I choose. Keeping diversity in what i do means I'm constantly interested. Using different techniques and compositions are what i find most fun and challenging.'